Remarkable area

Le Frasnois is in the heart of the Region of lakes and waterfalls. There are four lakes just in the village: Narlay, Ilay, little and big Maclu. Those three last were just one before. He was filled by peat bog which has a flora unique in France with her carnivores’ plants. Bots and fir tree contributes to the variety of vegetal species. The region is also rich in diversity of fauna and is classified Natura 2000. Lynx and wolf have been seen in the region. It’s also a part of the Natural regional park. Herds of aurochs live alongside if Ilay.


Surrounded by calcareous walls or elongated in fields or in forest’s heart, each of the seven lakes has his color, personality, luminosity that remember us Scotland or Canada. Cliffs and calcareous bring also their characteristic.


The history is rich: The little island of Ilay, friars built a priory church. It was an archeological site.
Narlay keeps is legend that all the child of the village know. One Christmas evening, an old woman asked hospitality to the villagers. But they refused it. She inundated the hamlet to punish them and the lake was born.


On the edges of Chalain and Clairvaux, it stills have some vestige of lake dwellings that you can visit.


Herisson Waterfall (Cascades du Hérisson) very famous and appreciate bring a natural wealth to the place.